Our Prayer Children

They say that “God will answer prayer of the righteous and especially children.” We have a special group of “Prayer Children” here at the Mission of the Good Shepherd who help me to pray for people back at home who are sick, sad, or troubled, or have any other needs. And I am writing to see if there are any needs in your congregation, or others, that the children and I could pray for.

About 5 years ago we added a Prayer Chapel at our Mission in which the children and I pray for those in need. It is teaching the children to love others and to care for other’s needs, and not to just think about their own survival as children. It has turned out to be a great program for the children and for those back at home, as God listens to the “Prayers of the children and righteous”.

For five years now our prayer children have been praying for the needs of those around the world. Our “Prayer Children” have prayed for people in South Thailand, India, Australia, New Zeeland, Nigeria, the Philippines, Belize, Guatemala, France, Fiji, Zambia, Argentina, South Africa, Malaysia, the Dominican Republic, and Budapest Hungary, China and of course the US and Canada, and many, many other countries around the world. I am personally spending about 5 hours per day in prayer for the needs of others, and the “Prayer Children” are joining me as often as they can. Many of the children are coming in to pray during their lunch break from school, others after school and on Saturdays, plus we always have a big prayer rally before Church on Sunday mornings and during our Morning Mass, and we even have children staying after Church on Sundays to pray for the needs of those who request prayers. There are continually prayers going up from the Mission of the Good Shepherd that God will intercede in the lives of our friends. Please let us know if there are any needs that you have that we can pray for.

The “Prayer Children” have prayed for the requests of those with serious illnesses who are fighting for their lives to those in prison who want to make a change in their lives. We have Prayer Requests from people with minor and major illnesses. We have Prayer Requests from Churches who just want to grow and prosper more, to people who just want God to bless them more in their lives. We have prayed for babies born with serious birth defects to elderly people in their 80’s and 90’s and even one over 100. There seems to be no need too big or too small for God to listen to, and for our Prayer Children to pray for. And although we can claim nothing of our own ability in having prayers answered, there have been many success stories as “God listens to the prayers of the children and the righteous.”

One of the other things that we have been teaching the children here to do is to give back for those things which have been given to them. And praying for others is one way for them to learn to give to others. Our prayer children are a Christian example to all other children and adults in this village, and perhaps this Country. And perhaps in other Countries as well. And because of their example many others are coming to Christ. Most of these Prayer Children live in midst of a very bad world. However, these Prayer Children have united together in mutual agreement and support to serve God and their neighbor by their spiritual lifestyle. Quite an undertaking for children, yes. But these Prayer Children have become mirrors or symbols that model the image of Jesus the Good Shepherd as they participated in their everyday existence. The purpose of forming these Prayer Children is, of course, the Christian training of these, and other children who they are an example to.

If there is anything that you would like the Prayer Children to pray for, please email or write us and let us know, or visit our Prayer Children Website at: http://prayerchildren.weebly.com/

You can also click on the following link to request prayers: http://prayerchildren.weebly.com/how-to-request-a-prayer.html




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