How You Can Help

The Good Lord gave us everything we have. Therefore, nothing could be more fitting than to remember his needy children. When you give to the Mission of the Good Shepherd you help those needy children of the Lord…His children who need assistance…and you bring His love and His care to many who desperately need it.

The Mission Of The Good Shepherd works to care for children and to bring their tiny souls to Jesus, but we can’t do it without your help. Please consider helping these children.

May God Bless You always and in all ways for your help with the children,

Dr. Post


How long is it since you were hungry? Do you know what it’s like to be ravenously hungry for a long period? It is bad enough for adults, but it’s the little children, the innocent ones, who suffer the most from malnutrition, and the lack of nutritional foods.

Lack of anything like a balanced diet makes many small boys and girls, like those you know, lifelong cripples. They are sometimes marked for life before they can walk or talk. The want of fresh milk, or even milk powder, remains a crying need of mission children. A need that we wish to fulfill as we feed them each week.

Never getting quite enough to eat, and the continued insufficient nourishment, causes in many cases stunted physical growth, serious mental retardation, and leaves God’s little ones easy prey to every stray disease and infection.

Our desire is to continue to help these children to be stronger in body and mind, better able to resist germs and parasites, and to develop the way God intended all children to grow.

Every Sunday we feed upwards to 100 Children who come to our mission to attend Church, and to obtain the only nutritional meal that they obtain all week. Through the week most of these children live on bread, noodles, and a little bit of rice, but on Sundays we feed each one of the Children who come to the Mission a nutritional meal containing meat (chicken, fish, or beef), plus nutritional vegetables. However, our food bill for these children runs about $500.00 per week. Which means that our Mission is always operating in the red, having to borrow to be able to feed the Children. It would be our Wish to be able feed these Children each week without having to worry where the money was going to come from to be able to do so. Please, if you will make this wish come true by making even a small contribution to feed the Children here at the Mission of the Good Shepherd in honor of the Christ Child who became poor so that we would remember the poor and suffering children of the world. Even a small amount toward this food bill would be a great help.


Sending a donation is quite simple and safe. To prevent fraud and theft of checks, and to make the sending of checks much easier and safer, the government of Belize has passed a law that all checks coming from overseas must be made out directly to our Credit Union and our Account Number. A simple check, either personal or from your church, made out to the: Holy Redeemer Credit Union, Account # 53711 will do. The check being made out to our Credit Union and our account number will keep anyone from getting their hands on a check and cashing it. Before this, all checks had to be deposited, but there was nothing to stop a person from stealing a check and depositing it into their own account, and then using the funds. Although, as far as I know, this has never happened to us, it is a safety measure for the Banks. And a safety measure for you and I as well. We are fortunate that we are able to use the funds as soon as they are deposited in our local Credit Union, instead of having to wait for the whole process of the checks clearing before we can use the money.

Once you have made the check out to the Holy Redeemer Credit Union, Account # 53711, mail the check to: Rev. Dr. Stephen Post, Mission of the Good Shepherd, Mango Creek, Independence Village, Stann Creek District, Belize, Central America. I know that the address looks incomplete as there are no street addresses or zip codes, but Belize being a 3rd world country does not have any of this. All mail is picked up at a tiny Post Office which serves about 7 or 8 villages.


You may be wondering what else the children need here at the Mission? What could you send to them in the mail? Outside of food which is always my biggest worry, school supplies are the most needed items right now: pencils, pens, writing tablets, paper, crayons, pencil sharpeners, erasers, stickers, glue, etc. Anything having to do with school. We are always in need of these items at the Mission. Other thing that are always needed are over the counter medicines and medical supplies (bandages and bandaging supplies). And if you desire, you can send these items to the address above under “How to Donate”.
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You can write to me at: Dr. Stephen Post, Mission of the Good Shepherd, Mango Creek, Independence Village, Stann Creek District, Belize, Central America. Since Belize is a 3rd world country, there are no street addresses or zip codes. Also, please write the whole words out “Central America” on your envelope. If you use the abbreviation CA it could be mistaken by the Post Office for either California or the Republic of Central Africa.

If you wish to contact me by email, you can email me at: or at


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