Be A Friend Of The Children


There are children here in Belize who needs your prayers and wants to be your friends. It doesn’t cost anything to be a friend of these children, except for a few prayers for some really underprivileged children in a 3rd world country. In fact, if you will add these children to your prayers, each month I will send you a hand colored picture, telling a different bible story, colored by one of these 3rd world children from the Mission of the Good Shepherd.

Some of them are dirty, ragged, barefoot and undernourished. But they are all crying out for love and friendship. These children are moved by the love that they receive; it may be just a story being read to them, or providing some kind of treat that they have never had. I just show a little kindness to them and they are satisfied and know that someone cares for them; someone loves them; someone wants them. And that, in itself, is a great help toward bringing the gospel to them. Because of this they come to believe that God must be even kinder, more generous, and so their souls are lifted up to God. I just do what I do with love as a Missionary, and they are touched by God’s grace. And it is really working. And all that I am asking from you is that you also become a friend to these children through your prayers, so that they will also be touched by God’s grace, not just by me, but through you.

When children who are used to being rejected and abandoned experience being accepted by others and being loved; when they see a Missionary like myself giving all of his time and energy for them, that conveys a message that, after all, they are worth something. They are worth something to God. Do you have any idea the excitement on one of these children’s face when I tell them that I am going to send a picture off that they colored to a friend of mine back home in the States? Sometimes these children work as much as an hour or more in order to color a picture just right so that I can send it to someone like you back at home. They really love doing this, knowing that they have made a friend 3,000 miles away in some other country. It is a great boost to them both emotionally and spiritually. And that is what I am hoping to do. Give them an emotional and a spiritual boost. Let them know that they are important not just to me, but to others.

These children would really like to have you, or anyone else in your Church congregation, as a friend. This is not a plea for money. They are looking for someone to send their pictures to. This is not an obligation thing. I am not writing to ask for any type of money or financial help for these children. Although I must admit that they need it. I am just asking that you become a friend to these children. All that you or anyone else who would like to become friends with these children would need to do is to write to me, or email me, and let me know that you agree to add these children to your prayer list.

Sometimes children seem so unimportant. At least they did when I lived back in the States. But now that I work full time with these children over here in a 3rd world country, things are different. Every time I look at one of these little children, those who are considered so unimportant by most, I know that I am looking at the face of Jesus. I guess that’s what keeps me going as a Missionary against the odds that I must face.

If you will add these children to your prayer list, please drop me a short note or email saying so. Each month after that, you will receive a hand colored picture by one of these underprivileged and forgotten about children here in Belize. These children here are all crying out for love and friendship. And they all need your prayers. To become friends with the children and have them send their coloring pages to you, just click on the following link:


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